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He stated that green is the hottest color right now and the Captain Cook green edition was the most popular. It had a green ceramic dial and bezel. "So, to combine our greatest product success of 2019, with a new campaign that emphasizes the very trendy green color, is definitely the highlight we will start in 2020."

A bronze Captain Cook is spotted with a green dial and bezel. It's something that we are very interested in. We are also seeing more textured dials.

The Hublot replica watches Golden Horse on green dial.Rolex Replica Watches This year's campaign is all about lifestyle and being a part of the natural world. It's spot on.

The environment and nature. The watch industry embraces the natural world.

Edelkoort highlighted another aspect of Hublot replica watches’s campaign this year: mindfulness. "Mindfulness of Time, of doing the right things, not doing too many So we expect a greater streamlining and a stronger focus on the lines previously mentioned.

The brand embraces the beauty of the natural world and the visual imagery of every timepiece is just one example. We anticipate that there will be additional color drops in the coming year,Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut which will align with the colors of nature.

It is aiming to appeal to a new generation.

Hublot replica watches will be targeting a younger audience in 2020. This is no surprise. The campaign was developed by Alex Johns (creative director at DesignStudio), who also developed Hublot replica watches's 2020 campaign "Feel it". This energetic campaign shows young people experiencing nature and "in the real".

He explains that "the heart and soul of our vision is taking Hublot replica watches spirit and linking it to the mindsets of a new, more youthful and international audience." This audience is looking for luxury in a completely new way.Hublot replica watches This is a generation that wants to express themselves and forge their own path in this world.

"Feel It," is a campaign that focuses on the idea of feeling the difference when you buy a Hublot replica watches watch. Visceral textures are highlighted on both the dial and in the materials. Hublot replica watches's materials have a real benefit for the consumer. A key piece of the year is the larger-sized Golden Horse with green dial. It's also a celebration for gender-neutral timepieces that are suitable for everyone.